Doha Metro

Doha Metro

This Project consists of building the elevated section of the RLS line in the Qatari capital. It is a continuation of the Underground RLS, to the east of the city and parallel to the coast. The 6.97 km stretch of metro line has three elevated stations (Barwa Village, Al Wakra and Qatar Economic Zone), and mainly runs above-ground over the Al Wakra Main Road median strip, with 220 metres at ground level.

The Qatar Economic Zone is an elevated station after crossing the F-Ring. It will later be connected to the Doha Expressway Project by means of approximately 180 linear metres. These will have pedestrian access from Al Wakra Main Road.

Barwa Village Station is located at the intersection with the branch line that leads to the Depot.  It has two levels with side platforms (one elevated and another on ground level) with pedestrian tunnels on both sides of the street around 350 m long. The approximate length of the station is 230 m. 

Al Wakra North Station is an elevated station with a 120 m platform. It will have two side entrances to both sides of Al Wakra Road. The station is located over the underground highway of the same name, which will be buried underneath.

The main construction system used includes span by span pre-cast segments placed using two launching gantries.  The viaduct pillars are 15 m high on average and have a variable square cross-section.

Client: Qatar Railways Company

Start date: May 2014

End date: 2017