Line 2 of the Athens Metro

Improvement of the suburban transport network

The project for the Metro Line 2 was awarded to FCC in June 2006 by Atikko Metro and consisted of the construction of two new stations (Peristeri and Anthopouli) and a 1,380-metre long tunnel that completes the axis that communicates the centre of Athens with the municipality of Peristeri. It has a population of same 140,000 inhabitants and is located to the west of the city and considered one of the key municipalities in importance within the Province of Athens.

The works require the construction of a 303-metre long tunnel under Panagi Tsaldari Avenue, with excavation using the New Austrian Method, the construction of an access shaft, east and west ventilation shafts the rehabilitation of the final shaft, the dismantling of a TBM that was left abandoned after the first project, the pedestrian accesses to the stations, service and street diversions and their replacement.

The Peristeri Station, which is 112 metres long and 24 metres deep, has three levels corresponding to ticket offices, vestibule (including access control) and platforms. Because part of the station lies under the main street of the municipality and two buildings, it was executed by means of a cavern. This was one of the most difficult technical works because it involved a large tunnel with a 200 square metre free section, which was dubbed the "Grand Cavern". This execution was successful in both deadline and quality and did not produce any subsequent settling.

Anthopouli Station is 147 metres long and 36 metres deep, with a ticket offices level and another for the platforms. The critical section in the construction of this station was the execution of one of the vestibule accesses that involved the excavation of a tunnel with a fifteen square metres free section with less than two metres of lining.

The contract also includes the superstructure, 1,380 ballastless double track, together with the remodelling of the existing tracks in the Agios Antonios Station and the installation works for electricity, fire detection and protection, ventilation, lighting, public address, lifts, stairways, ticket sales and ticket offices etc.

Remarkable aspects

  • Peristeri residents can now reach Elleniko Station, on the other side of the metropolitan area, in less than half an hour and Sintagma Station, in the centre of Athens, in just ten minutes.
  • These works became very complex around Peristeri, because 45 metres of the station had to be executed using mining methods.
  • Significant remodelling of the urban area adjacent to the works was executed.

Client: The Government of Greece

Start date: June 2006

End date: April 2013