Type of work


Lima Metro



The project involves the construction of 35 underground stations linked along 35 kilometers of tunnels.

Line 2 will be almost 27 kilometers long from and it will cover the East-West axis of Lima from Ate to Callao. In operation, its 27 passenger stations will serve more than 600,000 people a

The section of line 4 that will connect the Peruvian capital with the airport will run along 8 kilometers of tunnel. In this project eight stations will be built.

In addition, the contract includes the execution of the superstructure, the supply of rolling stock, the implementation of the electromechanical equipment, the railway systems and the electrical supply, necessary for the operation of the metro.

Structured Financing of the Year Award

LatinFinance magazine (2020)


An underground transport system will allow a lesser impact on the life of the city, in addition to a true urban transformation given that many of the land on the surface where the new Metro will run will be converted into green areas.


  • 35 underground metro stations linked along 35 kilometers of tunnels.
  • Passengers will save up to 90 minutes on their journey. Currently it takes two hours and twenty minutes to cover that journey by car.