Guzmán thermosolar

The Guzmán plant is located in Palma del Río (Córdoba, Spain) and is a thermosolar installation for electricity generation based on heliostats that concentrate sunlight. The plant is fitted with a solar farm with cylindrical, parabolic reflectors (heliostats) that concentrate sunlight to produce thermal energy that is then employed to generate electricity by means of a steam-generator turbine unit having a total net power of 49.9 MW. The plant employs cylindrical, parabolic technology for the 96 loops that form the solar farm. Each loop consists of four sections of collectors of approximately 150 metres length and connected in series distributed in two parallel rows, producing a total of 384 heliostats.

The Palma del Río installation is the first joint project in the power field between FCC Group and the Japanese multinational Mitsui & Co. Ltd for the development of thermosolar energy in Spain.

The Palma del Río plant covers a zone that is larger than 200 football pitches and has an area exceeding 340,000 square metres of parabolic mirrors that automatically imitate sunflower movement during daylight hours, steering themselves from dawn to dusk in order to reflect the maximum amount of sunlight and aim it towards a collector tube full of oil that attains a temperature of more than 400 degrees centigrade.

With an annual production of 198.5 million kW, the power station produces sufficient electricity to satisfy the needs of 30,000 homes and reduces CO2 emissions by approximately 108,500 tonnes a year.

The new plant benefits from the privileged location of the Municipality of Palma del Río, which is among the European locations with highest levels of sunlight, in addition to having easy access to water, auxiliary gas supplies and adequate electricity evacuation structures.

Guzmán Energía is the company that owns the plant in Córdoba, with its shareholders being FCC Energía with 70% and Mitsui Renewable Energy Europe with 30%.

Remarkable aspects

  • The thermosolar plant is located in Palma del Río, one of European locations with the highest levels of sunlight.

Client: Guzmán Energía

Start date: July 2010

End date: December 2012