Type of work


Duplication of the Gasoducto Tivissa - Paterna


Center section: pos 15.12.d – pos. 15.18.d

Center section: pos 15.12.d – pos. 15.18.d


The gas pipeline starts from Position 15.12.D, located at T.M. from Vilanova d´Alcolea, province of Castellón and ends its route at Position 15.18.D, located at T.M. from Villarreal, province of Castellón.
It is a large diameter pipeline with steep slopes and intersections with affected services.

The work consists of the construction of the Duplication of the Tivissa-Paterna Central Section Gas Pipeline whose main characteristics are listed below:

  • The total length is 53,378 meters.
  • The pipeline to be installed is 40 ”in diameter, it will be made of API 5L Gr.X-70 quality steel and a maximum thickness of 22.2 mm, whose weight per linear meter is 544 kg / ml