Enagás Tanks

In order to tackle the increasing demand for natural gas being experienced in the Barcelona Metropolitan area, Enagás decided to construct four storage tanks on the inflammables quay in the Port of Barcelona.

The project, carried out by FCC, consists of the EPC construction of storage tanks LNG TK-3000, TK-3001, TK-3002 and TK-3003 and their auxiliary installations at the Enagás regasification plant.

The cryogenic tanks are constructed using pre-stressed concrete and each has a capacity of 150,000 cubic metres, with an inside diameter of 80.20 metres and a height of 39.60 metres, crowned by a dome that is 10 metres high at the centre.

The natural gas is kept in a liquid state at temperatures below -162ºC, for which reason, containment techniques were employed and the inside of the tank is lined with cryogenic steel with 9% nickel. The whole assembly is insulated by using foam-glass and perlite.

These storage tanks for natural gas in a liquid state are an example of FCC's industrial activity in this field, providing a comprehensive hydrocarbon transport and storage service.

Remarkable aspects

  • The Quality Development Award for Excellent Works in 2011.
  • The inside of the tank is lined with cryogenic steel in order to withstand the extremely low temperatures to which it is subjected.

Client: Enagás

Start date: TK-3000 2002, TK-3001 2004, TK-3002 2007, TK-3003 2008

End date: TK-3000 2005, TK-3001 2006, TK-3002 2010, TK-3003 2011