Fredericton-Moncton Highway

The "Trans-Canadian Highway" is the main communication artery in the country and connects the various Canadian provinces from east to west. With its coming into service, not only does it significantly improve travelling between the two largest cities of New Brunswick province, but also facilitates communication between the most eastern provinces and the rest of the country.

This is a design, construction, financing and maintenance project for the execution of a 195-kilometre controlled access highway, with four lanes per roadway. Maintenance shall be carried out for thirty years.

Twenty interchanges and twenty-eight overpasses were constructed, including two singular one-kilometre long bridges over the rivers Saint John and Jemseg. The highway crosses 180 water courses, 30 of which have trout and salmon populations and also passes through large areas of deer country. In addition, five kilometres pass through sensitive wetlands.

It was necessary throughout the project to reconfigure fifteen interchanges and execute sixty diversions in order to maintain traffic flows and link up with the local highway network.

The construction of two singular bridges is also emphasised.

The River Jemseg viaduct with a total length of 976 metres has eleven spans, the largest of which is 140 metres and the smaller ones are sixty-six metres. It supports two separate roadways and its piers have double shafts with each roadway supported on one of them, except for the river span that rests on four-shaft piers. Each deck is 11.86 metres wide and is separated from the other by 1.54 metres.

The River Saint John viaduct is 1,062 metres long, with fourteen spans, the longest of which is 120 metres and the small ones, together with the abutments, are 57 metres. It also supports two separate roadways and also has double-shaft piers, with each roadway supported on one of them, except the largest span piers, which have four shafts. The deck specifications are identical to those of the Jemseg viaduct.

Remarkable aspects

  • This highway has received five awards.
  • The project scope was quite exceptional compared to what had previously been executed in New Brunswick.
  • It was opened to traffic five weeks before the established contract deadline.
  • It included significant environmental protection measures because of the high-value ecosystems crossed by the highway.

Cost: 389.15 M€

Client: New Brunswick Department

Start date: January 1998

End date: October 2001