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Los Chinamos-El Ayote Road


Los Chinamos-El Ayote Road improvement project in two sections

Los Chinamos-El Ayote Road improvement project in two sections


The 39 kilometers road improvement project in “Los ChinamosEl Ayote” was divided into two sections:

  • Section I, has a length of 19.5 kilometers, and serves the “El Camastro a Los Chinamos” population.
  • Section II, is the same length and It includes the population of “Los Chinamos a El Ayote”.

The development of this infrastructure has improved accessibility to the rural areas.


With the development of this infrastructure, FCC will improve the transport of the residents of the affected localities, interconnecting areas that were previously poorly communicated, as well as optimizing driving times and road safety along the route, which are currently significantly compromised by the state of El Camino.


  • 15,200 local inhabitants will be able to enjoy the benefits of the new infrastructure.
  • Both sections require the improvement of the pavement and roads as well as improvements in the vertical and horizontal alignment of the road, drainage works, consolidation and improvement of several bridges affected by the infrastructure, vertical and horizontal signaling and the construction of bus stops for facilitate the mobility of local people.