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A9 Badhoevedorp Holendrecht

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A9 motorway (Netherlands)

A9 motorway (Netherlands)


The scope includes the design, construction and maintenance of a section of the A9 Badhoevedorp-Holendrecht, near the city of Amsterdam and its airport.
The project consists of the remodeling of a 10.4 km section of the A9 motorway, which includes the expansion of the platform, with the passage from three to four lanes in each direction, and the consequent expansion of the structures, in addition to the links to other roads, including bridges and underpasses. Additionally, the 1.5 km underground highway will be built in the vicinity of the city of Amstelveen, which will be covered with a slab, to create a false tunnel in three different sections, which will allow the execution of a new park about him. Another noteworthy aspect is the extension of the bascule bridge over the Schiphol canal, whose deck has to be replaced, and it will be done in compliance with very strict technical and deadline requirements, to avoid interference with navigation.



The project will be executed maintaining traffic on the existing highway. This will require a significant planning effort and careful execution, including the management of numerous temporary detours.


  • This is the company's first contract in the Netherlands