Sol motorway between San José and Caldera

Sol motorway between San José and Caldera

The motorway that connects the Pacific access ports to the centre of the country

The Sol motorway is located in Costa Rica and connects the cities of San José and Caldera.

The purpose of the expansion, rehabilitation and construction project for this highway is to achieve the goal of a roadway that provides faster, safer and more efficient communication between the City of San José and the Pacific coast areas and to connect the central, southern and northern regions.

The opening of this 77-kilometre long motorway reduces travelling times. Previously, the estimated travelling time to Caldera was two hours and after the opening of the motorway, this dropped to seventy minutes, which means a reduction of forty-five minutes.

The motorway is made up of three sections:

Section I is fourteen kilometres long between San José and Ciudad Colón, for which the works consisted of the rehabilitation and improvement of the existing four-lane highway. The main executed works were the recovery and new paving of the first four kilometres, the expansion from two to three lanes along the section carrying most traffic, the construction of a new toll plaza, increasing the existing four toll booths to twenty-eight and fitted it with cutting-edge technology, together with the construction of a sub-drainage network at points with surface water problems.

Section II consists of forty kilometres of new-construction double lane between Ciudad Colón and Orotina. Here, the main works were the construction of eleven overpasses and thirteen underpasses and two trunk toll plazas, each of eight booths, together with four side tolls, each with four booths.

Section III: 23.8 kilometres long, with paving reconstruction between the cities of Orotina and Caldera. The works along this section were executed to provide the highway with a design and safety level in accordance with international standards. Noteworthy are the widening and improvement of the verges, the expansion and recovery of the entire drainage network, the construction of a toll plaza with ten payment booths and the repair of six junctions.

Remarkable aspects

  • Rehabilitation and construction of the highway to provide faster, safer and more efficient communication.
  • The opening of this seventy-seven kilometre long motorway means a forty-five minute reduction in travelling time.
  • The improvement of the three sections of this infrastructure favours the arterial network made up of the Costanera Sur, the Interamericana Sur and the San José - San Ramón motorway.

Client: Ministry of Public Works and Transport in Costa Rica

Start date: January 2009

End date: January 2010