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Mersey Bridge

United Kingdom

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  • Mersey Bridge
  • Lateral view of the future Mersey Bridge
  • Mersey Bridge aerial view
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  • Mersey Bridge
  • Lateral view of the future Mersey Bridge
  • Mersey Bridge aerial view


The new Mersey Bridge project covers the design, construction, financing, maintenance and operation of the bridge over the River Mersey in Liverpool, the United Kingdom, which is intended to eliminate the traffic problems of the existing bridge.

The new bridge will be 2.13 kilometres long and provide service to over 80,000 vehicles a day.

FCC was the successful bidder through a consortium in which it was participating, for both the concession and the construction. Its partners in the concession are Bilfinger, Sanef and Macquarie, whereas they are Samsung CT and Kier for the construction.

The project consists of the construction of a new crossing over the River Mersey in Liverpool, with a total length of more than two kilometres, located to the east of the Silver Jubilee Bridge, which was opened in 1961 and currently suffering from serious traffic problems.

The most singular element in the contract is the actual bridge itself, which is one kilometre long. It is a 42-metre wide braced structure with a maximum height of 125 metres. The project also includes the remodelling of seven kilometres of motorway access highways and the renovation of another 4.5 kilometres of motorway, together with various communication junctions.

A free-flow multi-lane toll system will be installed at the crossings, which will enable toll fees to be collected by means of automatic reading of vehicles licence plates employing an advanced technological system that does not affect the traffic flow.

Best Bridge in the World Award to Mersey Bridge (UK)

granted by International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (Iabse) (2019)

Award Merit Bridge: Puente Mersey

granted by ENR Global Bests Project. (2018)

'Infrastructure’ y ‘Overall Project of the Year’

granted by RICS North West

Best Project

granted by Concrete Society Awards (2018)

European Road Deal of the year

granted by IJGlobal (2015)

European Infrastructure of the Year

granted by Mersey Bridge PFI (2014)

Bronwfield Awards 2020

Best infrastructure: Mersey Bridge (United Kingdom)

Bronwfiled Awards 2020

Best re-use materials: Mersey Bridge (United Kingdom)


Throughout the entire process of construction, operation and maintenance of the new bridge, some 4,600 jobs are expected to be created, both direct and indirect.

The project will benefit, not only the Liverpool area, with its over 1.6 million inhabitants, but also the northwest of England.


  • Improvement of the infrastructure of the bridge over the River Mersey.

  • The construction of the new bridge will avoid the current traffic problems.

  • The bridge has different characteristics with a 42 meter wide cable-stayed structure and a maximum height of 125 meters.