Lusail Pedestrian Bridges

The Lusail pedestrian bridges form part of the new city of Lusail, a new urban development situated 13 km to the north-west of Doha, in an area covering approximately 38 km2.

Both of the almost identical pedestrian bridges have spans measuring 30 m, 60 m and 30 m made up of four oval sections, each 30 m long.

Each oval shaped deck is made up of pre-stressed concrete sections with an outer edge resting on stainless steel and a central section made of laminated glass.

There is a pillar supporting the structure where the oval decks meet, except for the central 60 m-long span which is held up by cables from two towers that stand 16 m above the deck.

Each tower is connected to the central span by means of ten pairs of cables attached to the inner edges of the adjacent oval sections. These cables are balanced using retention brackets anchored outside the structure and a pair of cables that join in the centre of the main span.

The towers are double circular stainless steel tubes with a variable diameter of 1,000-2,000 mm, and a wall thickness of 32 to 50 mm filled with concrete.

The idea behind this architectural design is to create a unique recreational area over the artificial canals that separate the artificial islands of Qetaifan. The two twin structures with identical features (cable-stayed platform of three spans of 30 + 60 + 30 metres) vary only in the dimensions of the access ramps to the platform, again symmetrical on both structures.

The surrounding areas of both structures include facilities such as kiosks, situated at the nodes (pylons) of each symmetrical alignment, ornamental fountains, grass areas, metal latticework with glass decks on the ground in the spaces where the linked design or functional pergolas are found in the cable-stayed area of the bridge.


Start date: January 2013

End date: November 2015