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Mondim de Basto EN 210 connection.

Mondim de Basto EN 210 connection.


Mondim de Basto's connection to EN 210 is part of the Enterprise do Central Hidroeléctrica Fridão that EDP will build in the future. With this Development, the national highway EN 304 and the municipal highway CM 1775 that connects EN 210 to EN 304 between Lordelo and Veade, will be affected by a reservoir that will be created upstream of the Main Dam of the Fridão Hydroelectric Development.

It is a road link with an approximate length of 3,650 m, which crosses the EN 210 in the Crespos Industrial Zone in the Municipality of Celorico de Basto, District of Braga, crossing the Lordelo area and the two valleys of Veade and Tâmega, in sections from the EN 304, to the Mondim de Basto Town Hall, located in the Vila Real district.

This new design allows the distance between the two venues to be substantially reduced by about 6.0 km, but it also eliminates the traffic that currently circulates on the CM 1775 municipal road, between the towns of Lordelo and Veade. This road link is structuring for the Municipality of Mondim de Basto, since it allows better accessibility to the main road corridors of the country, namely the A4 motorway.