The container terminal in the Port of Cádiz

The container terminal in the Port of Cádiz

The construction works at the new container terminal in the Port of Cádiz is a project awarded to FCC that consists of the first stage in the development of a new terminal with an area of 22 hectares, a quay length of 590 metres and a 320-metre long sea wall.

This new terminal will enable the current container traffic to be transferred to installations with better equipment and services and a location that will avoid heavy traffic passing through the city centre and also separate passenger and merchandise uses within the port area. The new terminal will significantly increase the storage facility area and allow larger ships to moor, with the depth being increased from the present 10.5 metres at the existing container zone to 18 metres at the new terminal.

Because of the spectacular dimensions of this project, it will be necessary to dredge some 3.2 million cubic metres; together with 100,000 cubic metres of concrete and a total of 8,000 cubic blocks, each of twelve tonnes, together with 1.1 million tonnes of quarry materials, and more than four million tonnes of steel.

This project will promote container and cruise liner traffic, consolidate the Port of Cádiz as a socio-economic driving force, re-order port traffic by separating passengers and merchandise and by contributing to the environmental recovery of the Bay.

These works combine the constructive systems of rockfill, caissons and cubic concrete blocks, include the dredging of the necessary adjacent areas for ship manoeuvring and will guarantee depth.

Furthermore, during project execution maximum environmental protection measures shall be employed in order to carry out the works with the least environmental impact.

Remarkable aspects

  • The construction of a new 22-hectare container terminal.
  • The awarded project combines the constructive systems of rockfill, caissons and cubic concrete blocks.
  • A strategic project for the re-ordering and development of port activities in the city.

Client: Cádiz Bay Port Authority

Start date: November 2011

End date: Under construction