Type of work

Maritime works

Port of Gijón


Construction of a new shelter dam

Construction of a new shelter dam


The work has basically consisted of the construction of a new shelter dam that starts from Cabo de Torres and has a total length of 3,834 meters, which has allowed the generation of 145 ha of land surface and 140 ha of sheltered water surface.

A terminal has been designed for the unloading of solid bulks that, with 1,250 meters of berthing line and depths of up to 27 meters, will allow the simultaneous berthing of three bulk carriers of 230,000 DWT and 20 meters of draft.

The new terminal has a width of 400 meters and a discharge and storage capacity of iron ore and coal of 25 and 2 million tons respectively.

In addition to the construction of the new shelter dam, the perimeter dams of the new surface to be reclaimed from the sea, the filling of the space between the protection dams and the demolition of the current shoulder of the Príncipe de Asturias dam, has been carried out. in order to communicate the previous port area with that obtained after the expansion.