Type of work

Hydraulic works

Wastewater plant El Salitre


  • Wastewater plant El Salitre
  • Wastewater plant El Salitre


The expansion of the El Salitre treatment plant entails overcoming technically complex challenges to increase its treatment capacity of 4 cubic meters per day to a target of 7.1 cubic meters per day.


The works are part of the project "Hydraulic Adaptation and Environmental Recovery of the Río Bogotá", which aims to reduce odors generated by the treatment of wastewater in the north and center of the capital, which will benefit almost 3 million people.


  • The total of the contract is the highest amount achieved to date by Aqualia in South America.
  • The plant, once finished, will treat a flow of sewage greater than 600,000 cubic meters of water per day.