Type of work


Southeast Hospital



The Hospital del Sureste is located in Arganda. With a built area of 45,000 square meters, it serves more than 140,000 inhabitants in 21 different locations within a radius of between 17 and 20 km.

Its construction has not only been carried out to cover present needs, but also future ones. Its flexible and modular structure will allow that later, as the population increases, the hospital can be expanded. It is distributed in interior patios that provide the interior with natural light and a circulation system adapted to your needs. In turn, the technical area is separated from the rest and occupies a differentiated building.

The center has a total of 132 beds, five operating rooms, 115 consultation rooms, and three delivery rooms, and includes 687 parking spaces.

All rooms are individual, and are equipped in such a way that both patients and their families can cope with hospitalization with the greatest possible comfort. The hospital has a direct connection to public transport.


For the detection of CO a network of detectors has been installed. If the concentration reaches the critical value of p.pm, the control panel sends an optical and acoustic alarm signal.


  • The innovative modular design solution that will allow future expansion of the hospital stands out.