Port of El Callao, Peru

Port of El Callao, Peru

The expansion of one of the largest Pacific ports

The Port of Callao in Lima is the main port in Peru, and one of the largest Pacific ports in South America.

These expansion works could allow it to reach a capacity of one million containers per year on the north quay.

The project includes the construction of stages I and II for the port, the remodelling of quay 11 (grain quay) and the northern part of Quay 5, which will allow the mooring of larger vessels.

Currently, the northern quay has capacity for five-hundred thousand containers, but with the expansion works, it will be able to handle one million containers a year.

The works consist of the demolition of part of the old pile quays, the construction of new quays on steel piles, the demolition of all old buildings and paving, together with the construction of all service infrastructures, paving and buildings for various uses.

Quays 5 and 11 will be demolished and eighteen buildings within the port. The total length of quay 11 is 280 metres and quay 5 is 560 metres. Quay 5 is used to manage the containers and mineral loading, whereas 11 provides port services for the importation of agricultural products and also has concrete silos available.

The remodelling works also include the construction of an administration building with two floors, a public office building of five floors and a flat roof, a maintenance workshop and other minor works.

These port works will modernise the port infrastructure to adapt it to the current modern cargo system demands, the vessel dimensions and draughts, together with the installation of higher-performance equipment according to the various types of cargo handled in the port.

Remarkable aspects

  • The modernisation of the Port of Callao.
  • Works associated with existing quays.
  • Enhancement of port services.

Start date: 2011

End date: April 2016