Reconstruction of Palacio de Deportes in the Regional Community of Madrid

Palacio de Deportes in the Regional Community of Madrid

The main aim of the reconstruction of the Palacio de Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid (Sports Palace in the Regional Community of Madrid) after the fire that erupted, was to adapt it and ensure it was fit for its new purpose.

This involved a new layout and location of the service areas (changing rooms, halls, access areas and toilets) affected by regulatory issues. It also entailed adapting and ensuring that a space of this size and with these characteristic was fit for its current purpose. A full reconstruction was therefore required instead of a refurbishment. All of the project work was carried out and designed in accordance with the regulations in force and for the purposes of the new uses requested by society.

The palace is designed to be able to hold any kind of event, rather than for a specific use. The location, which is very central and, for this reason, very restrictive in terms of building volume capacity, inspired this multi-use and versatile space. It is  positioned at a very important point in the city centre with good public transport connections (four metro lines and over fifteen inner-city bus lines).
The palace has a huge interior including a telescopic seating system and divider curtains which enables different set-ups with capacities according to the needs of the event. This may reach over 15,000 spectators in a boxing match or a concert, 13,500 in a gymnastics championship, a basketball, volleyball, handball or indoor football match and almost 7,000 in an athletics competition, placing the track at a height of + 3.60 metres.
The building is equipped with a three-storey car park which improves its accessibility - not only for the public attending the events but also for the daily life of the residents in the area. The people involved in performing or setting up and taking down the equipment for the event also have convenient access without disturbing anyone. Lorries and buses have direct access to and from the inside as well, thereby preventing any additional disturbances to the heavy traffic surrounding the palace.

Client: ARPROMA (Arrendamientos y Promociones de la Comunidad de Madrid S.A.)

Start date: 12/03/2002

End date: 28/07/2005