Restoration of the Palace of Fuensalida in Toledo

Restoration of the Palace of Fuensalida in Toledo

The Palace of Fuensalida, built in the 15th century at the request of Pedro López de Ayala, is the finest palatial example of Mudejar architecture from Toledo. With a blend of Gothic, Plateresque and Mudejar styles this type of historical architecture is scarce in Spanish heritage.

It is a building that is brimming with history. The palace stands in the Plaza del Conde in Toledo, between the Church of Santo Tomé and the Taller del Moro. Many illustrious historical figures lived within its walls, including Isabella of Portugal, wife of the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V. The palace now houses the offices of the President of the Regional Government of Castile-La Mancha.

The refurbishment of the building consisted of restoring the palace's cultural values, correcting certain structural issues and making the building fit for its different purposes.

Built using bricks, masonry, wood and plaster, the palace is arranged around a rectangular central Mudejar courtyard and has two levels plus a basement. The project included dismantling and rebuilding the roofs, reinforcing the palace's frames, several outer walls and also some of the foundations in order to improve the building's stability.

Moreover, restoration works were carried out on existing features of great historic architectural value, such as coffered ceilings, ironwork, gates and plasterwork. Some spaces were also remodelled for use as offices and meeting rooms, which were then fully equipped with the necessary installations.

Over the course of the project, significant work proved necessary when refurbishing the carved wooden ceilings and plasterwork whose polychrome decoration and importance were left undiscovered at first due to the building's condition. In addition, the basement of the building, which was previously a restaurant, was incorporated into the palace for security reasons after undergoing major restoration works.

Client: Regional Government of Castile-La Mancha. Department of Education, Science and Culture

Start date: 10/09/2007

End date: 30/04/2010