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Colegio Santa Luzia


Construction of EB 2,3 school in Santa Luzia.

Construction of EB 2,3 school in Santa Luzia.


Execution of the new school building and demolition of the existing buildings.

The contract was developed in two phases of execution, in order to maintain the operation of the school, simultaneously with the execution of the works.

It covers the demolition of all existing structures, highlighting both classroom blocks, and the construction of the new school building, the new sports hall and the new ordinance. It also includes outside grooming work and an outdoor playground.

  • TOTAL AREA OF THE LAND (school) - 32,450 m²
  • INTERVENTION AREA - 14,535 m²
  • DEPLOYMENT AREA - 3,855.25 m²
  • GROSS BUILDING AREA - 5,988.25 m²

The new building is developed in the shape of a "U" and consists of two floors. On floor 0, the main entrance hall divides the building into two areas, one for administrative services, classrooms for teachers and four departments with the respective work offices, and the other for social spaces, where to find the auditorium, the center resource, laboratory rooms, living room, bar, kitchen and cafeteria.