I-95 Miami Express

I-95 Miami Express

The I-95 is one of the interstate highways with the highest average daily traffic intensity in the country and also the main one in the Miami area. The highway typical section (per circulation direction) consists of one priority lane for high-capacity vehicles, (buses, ambulances, taxis and registered vehicles) at peak periods and four additional lanes for all other vehicles.

The purpose of the contract is the design and execution of the works required for converting both traffic directions into one roadway with two toll lanes and/or very high occupation (Managed Lanes) and four additional lanes for general traffic. Furthermore, the new lanes require all necessary elements for intelligent management of traffic (Intelligent Traffic System, ITS) and open-road toll (Sun Pass) for both toll lanes. The conversion works require the extension of various structures existing around the main intersection, the topology of which consists of prefabricated concrete beams.

The works are divided into two stages.

Stage 1A, officially opened on the 2nd of December 2008 consisting of ten kilometres of highway in the north circulation direction. The construction of an additional lane is achieved by adjusting the widths of the existing lanes and reducing the width of the hard shoulders.

With the putting into operation of this first stage, drivers are now able to choose between the toll-free lanes and the two High-Occupancy Toll (HOT) (automatic toll) lanes, for which the user needs a Sun Pass device so that toll reading and payment are automatic without having to stop.

These barrier-free lanes are known as "free-flow" systems and will be used without charge by buses, ambulances and authorised vehicles. All other vehicles may also use them by paying the toll fee, which will vary according to the time of day.

Second stage 1B, consisting of the works along 7.7 kilometres in a south direction and the execution of similar works as those in stage 1A to allow the construction and operation of two toll lanes in the south direction.


Remarkable aspects

  • The improvement of one of the busiest highways in Miami.
  • Intelligent Traffic System and open-road toll (free-flow).
  • Among others, it has been presented with the America’s Transportation Award 2009 for Innovating Management.
  • Minimum impact on traffic during construction, without any lane closure during the day.

Client: Florida Department of Transportation

Start date: February 2008

End date: April 2010