Hospital Luis Chicho Fábrega in Panama

Hospital Luis Chicho Fábrega in Panama

A space that permits installation expansion and is environmental friendly

FCC is constructing the new Luis Chicho Fábrega Regional Hospital in Santiago, Province of Veraguas, Panama.

The new building has a constructed surface area of 46,460 square metres that houses the central services on the ground floor and basement, together with a five-floor building holding the hospitalisation areas and the duty medical staff.

The construction is a direct-foundation building, with façades of concrete and glass pieces and inverted roofs.

Three circulation axes will be constructed in the hospital centre that will act as the backbone for the building.

  • The first will be the exterior circulation axis for visitors and out-patients.
  • The second axis will be interior and contain a restricted circulation towards the diagnostic and treatment areas, located in the central building.
  • The third axis, which will also be interior, will be used exclusively for internal personnel and services.

The design was produced by the Spanish architects, Alfonso Casares and Carlos Lamela, under the strictest environmental protection criteria, employing the "green sustainable hospital" concept. It makes use of materials with low primary energy content, makes responsible use of water, reduces energy demands and optimises the installations in order to enhance energy efficiency and makes maximum use of solar energy.

The new hospital construction is being carried out on a plot of land located near the existing one. 

Remarkable aspects

  • A new sustainable hospital that will change the lives of thousands of Panamanian people.
  • This hospital will have seven levels and 330 beds for patient hospitalisation.

Client: Government of Panama - Ministry of Health

Start date: 2010

End date: 2014