Emisario Metropolitano

Emisario Metropolitano

This is a national pioneering project for wastewater treatment that will treat water from the city which is currently polluting the basin of the Tárcoles River. It will benefit over 450,000 people and it will contain a flow of 7281 l/s.

The project has two construction phases. In the first phase fibreglass-reinforced polyester (GRP) piping, measuring one thousand eight-hundred millimetres in diameter, is buried underground, a further section with ductile iron (DI) piping will also be laid over concrete pedestals. The same construction process is employed in the second phase but with a smaller diameter, one thousand six-hundred millimetres for both the GRP and DI piping.

Client: Costa Rica Institute of Water and Sanitation (A y A)

Start date: August 2014

End date: December 2015