Riga Airport in Latvia

Riga Airport in Latvia

Riga International Airport, located near the Baltic Sea in the Latvian capital city, is one of the three largest airports in the country.

It is currently the most notable in the Baltic States because it has direct flights to 28 countries and operates with domestic flights and several international flights.

In addition to services, such as banks, conference and meeting rooms, and post offices, this airport helps to relieve the lack of hotels on its premises with a bus service that takes passengers to their lodgings.

The works consist of the reconstruction of the runway surface (45 x 2,300 mm) and the reinforcement of the lateral strips in order to improve safety in case of possible accidents.

The project includes the construction of the manoeuvring areas to improve runway capacity and the reconstruction of two supply zones. These works consist of the demolition of the existing paving, the laying of a new one and renewal of the signage.

Winter weather conditions justify the construction of two de-icing zones, together with an aircraft washing hangar and waste collection building, both executed with a metal structure and concrete footing. 

The works are completed with the reconstruction of the drainage system (execution of new collectors, irrigation and unlined ditches) and the installation of category II lighting in the final runway zone.

Remarkable aspects

  • Operations on one of the three largest airports in Latvia, which is also the most notable in the Baltic States.
  • Significant improvement works to strengthen airport safety.

Cost: 79.5 M€

Client: Riga Airport

Start date: 2013

End date: Under construction