Urban development of the Tres Cantos sector

FCC is executing the new urban development of the Tres Cantos Sector, one of the largest urban development schemes carried out in the Community of Madrid. 

Tres Cantos is a municipality located twenty kilometres north of Madrid in a privileged location within a high-value environment.

This project contemplates all the works required to provide the urban services to the different areas and uses covered in the “Nuevo Tres Cantos” Partial Sector Plan, which is the base planning document for the drawing-up of this project. 

It is divided into nine specific projects: Levelling, paving, drainage, water distribution network, electricity distribution grid, gas distribution network, communication network conduit, public lighting, high and Atazar canal diversions, together with parks and gardens.

With 6,900 dwellings, the Tres Cantos urban development has a total area of 329 hectares, of which 100 hectares are reserved for residential use, 39 hectares for production activities, industry and tertiary use, 6 hectares for services and commercial activities, 60 hectares for equipment and services and 43 hectares for green belts.

Construction also includes other operations, such as increasing the M-607 to three lanes in each direction, electrical substation expansion, three structures for the crossing of the high-speed train line, the expansion of the waste water purification plant in the municipality and the installation of a waste collection system with underground containers.

Remarkable aspects

  • This is the largest Plan Joven housing promotion in the Community of Madrid.
  • An urban development scheme for 25,000 people.
  • A development covering 329 hectares.

Client: Tres Cantos Council

Start date: May 2005

End date: Under construction