Type of work


Puente Basculante de Barcelona



This bridge can be considered as singular not only its deck but also the main piers, elements that harmonize and complete an almost sculptural ensemble.

The bridge connects the Poniente dock and the Adosado dock in the port of Barcelona. It is a two-leaf bascule bridge, built in steel. The clear span of the navigation channel is 100 m between piers, while the span between ball joints is 109 m. The 54.5 m free corbel makes this bridge a world record in its typology. The piers, founded on piles, are made of reinforced concrete, with some local prestressing that allows the forces of the main jacks to be collected. The bridge is accessed by two concrete viaducts, until reaching the level of the deck located 20 m above sea level.

The greater complexity of this structure comes from the fact of joining the usual technique of civil works (concrete structure in piles and metal structure in the deck) with the technique of mechanisms, in which construction tolerances are very strict.

Each of the two leaves of the bridge deck has a length of 68.5 m: 14 m in the rear area, where the counterweight is located, up to the hinges; and 54.5 m of corbel, from the hinges to the center of the span. The total width in plan reaches up to 18 m, due to the outward inclination of the deck of the edge beams. The width of the deck is 15.1 m.

The tilting leaves move with two large jacks in each span, whose mission is to raise the bridge from its closed or in-service position (by pulling it) or to close it from the open or parked position (by pushing the deck).

The assembly system was carried out with a floating crane of the largest in the world, prepared to lift the 2,100 tons that each span weighed.

The construction project for this structure has been developed by the Special Works Service, belonging to the Technical Services of FCC Construcción.