Type of work

Hydraulic works

Castrovido dam



This dam was constructed with the main purpose of regulating flow of the Arlanza River. The strategy included forming a reservoir with storage capacity of 44,000,000 cubic meters and an area of 214 hectares, equivalent to 212 medium sized soccer fields.

The infrastructure consists of the main dam, a central hydroelectric dam, tailings dam on site, and the road layouts affected by this work.


In the process of construction of the dam, environmental improvements such as the creation of artificial islands, the construction of a beach at the tail of the reservoir, the restoration of material extraction areas as well as the revegetation of the tail of the dam have been introduced in the project. reservoir.


  • The Castrovido dam guarantees the supply of drinking water to nearby towns; ensures the ecological flow of the affected rivers; provides the necessary supply of water for the irrigation of the 6,010 cultivated hectares; it also generates electricity for more than 5,600 inhabitants.