Malaga Metro

The railway works that connect Malaga City

Malaga Metro is a transport network for the City of Malaga This network joins the various points within the city and has connections to the other Malaga Area Metropolitan Transport Consortium transport networks.

The contract consists of the project, construction, rolling stock supply and operation of Metro Lines 1 and 2 for a 35-year period.

The lines start at the centre and are distributed through to the outlying areas. Both connect together high-density population centres and the city centre  and also facilitate access to essential services, such as hospitals, the university campus, the law courts, the sports complex and the port.

Section 1 commences at La Malagueta Station and ends at Colegios Mayores Station. It has fourteen stations, four of which are common to Line 2, distributed along 9.8 kilometres of track, shared with Line 2. This surface section is 3.1 kilometres long.

Section 2 commences at La Malagueta Station and ends at the Palacio de Deportes Martín Carpena. It has ten stations, four of which are common to Line 1 and distributed along 6.7 kilometres of track including the 2.9-kilometre common section. All this section is underground.

The new light metro is electrified at 750 Vdc and the vehicles are fed by an overhead power line. A suspended rigid catenary is installed along underground sections, using clamps and insulators fixed to the upper slabs in the tunnel.

Furthermore, the stations and tunnels are fitted with cutting-edge safety devices and have fourteen mobile modular-composition units of two traction heads and three passenger modules, each with capacity for 221 persons that are adapted to the needs of handicapped persons.

Station design is in accordance with accessibility, ergonomic, passenger mobility and maximum visibility criteria. All stations are designed with direct accesses from the surface to the platform by means of lifts or mechanical stairs. Moreover, the stations and tunnels are fitted with cutting-edge safety devices.

Remarkable aspects

  • Value for the city folk: reduction of contamination, reduction of traffic levels, together with ease of travelling and journey punctuality.
  • Development of the very latest technologies in rolling stock material.
  • The drawing of a meticulous traffic plan to produce only the bare minimum of disturbance of the people's daily life during construction.
  • The route and station distribution were designed so that the metro can serve a population of 200,000 persons living no more than 500 metres from a station.

Client: Andalusian Government Railways (Ferrocarriles de la Junta de Andalucía)

Start date: February 2006

End date: December 2012