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Mallorca Sports Club


Reform of the Sports Club of Mallorca

Reform of the Sports Club of Mallorca

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  • Infographics Mallorca Sports Club


The project transformed the Club de Mar Mallorca, it renovated the maritime of Palma at its end western opening up the port to the city. This project converted the Mar club into what is now the most modern Mediterranean port.

The project of the Club de Mar Mallorca is suggested to be the most important recreational facility in nautical in Spain.


The project places sustainability and respect for the environment among its priorities.

Borja de la Rosa, president of the Club de Mar Mallorca

The choice of FCC Construcción and VOPSA, two "solvent and prestigious" companies, guarantees the development of a reform "destined to turn our club into the most modern and sustainable recreational port in the Mediterranean."


  • This project turns the Club de Mar into the most modern port in the Mediterranean.

  • The Club de Mar Mallorca project in the most important of recreational boating in Spain.