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Casasola dam


  • Casasola dam
  • Casasola dam


The Casasola dam is located 19 kilometers from the urban center of Malaga. Its objective is twofold: on the one hand, to eliminate the historical problem of flooding caused by the Campanillas river, and on the other, to improve the supply to Malaga.

It is an arch-gravity dam, with a vertical slope upstream and a 0.45 slope downstream. The reference surface, which coincides with the upstream facing, is a three-center arch with radii of 200-120-200 meters. The crowning length is 240 meters.

The dam has a height of 76 meters above foundations, its crest being located at elevation 160. The crest width is 9 meters, corresponding to 7 meters of road and two 1-meter sidewalks, the latter cantilevered. The dammed volume, at a normal maximum level, is 23.64 hm3. The project avenue, which is defined as the one related to a return period of 5,000 years, presents a hydrograph with a peak flow of 1,745 m3 / s. The spillway has a fixed lip and is made up of three independent spans each 20 m long. The lateral spans have their threshold 4 meters below the crest (level 156), and the central span 2.5 meters below the previous ones (level 153.5).

For the exploitation and inspection, horizontal galleries were arranged at three levels, two perimeter galleries that are connected to each other and a vertical shaft where the forklift is located and a ladder attached to it. The first two galleries extend 35 meters into the abutments to facilitate inspection of the rocky massif and simplify eventual injection campaigns. The middle one gives access to the bottom drainage chambers and the water intake.

The total volume of concrete placed has been greater than 200,000 m3, arranged in 16 radial blocks separated by flat joints injected with cement grout once the heat of hydration dissipated and taking advantage of the moment of greatest opening between blocks. It was commissioned in 36 months, with a maximum monthly production of 15,000 m3.