Type of work


Rail access to the bridge Vidin-Calafat


  • Vidin-Calafat bridge
  • Vìdin-Calafat bridge- SOS stop
  • Vidin-Calafat bridge
  • Vìdin-Calafat bridge- SOS stop


The accesses to the bridge consist of 17 kilometers of simple, electrified railway and industrial branches. The construction of a new international freight railway station and the renovation of the existing passenger station were also integral to the project.

The bridge links the towns of Vidin (Bulgaria) and Calafat (Romania). The bridge crosses the Danube, becoming the second link on this river between both countries.

American, Segmental Bridge Institute award (ASBI)

Recognition of the great engineering work carried out on the Vìdin-Calafat bridge


The construction of the new bridge is an essential opening for the Bulgarian and Romanian transport network.