The Monaco Floating Dock

The world's largest floating dock

Considered as being the largest floating dock in the world, the Monaco floating dock is constructed of concrete and measures 352 metres long, 28 wide and 19 high.

It has capacity for four parking floors, all below sea level, 360 saloon cars and 150 vessels.

The principal goal is to expand the Port of Condamine and for the new dock to provide shelter for cruise ship mooring which, up to now, could only do so at the Port of Nice in France.

When it was positioned at its site, the dock remained floating in the water, anchored to the seabed, between 50 and eighty metres below the dock and secured by chains that are fixed to metal piles driven into the seabed.

The dock is connected to land by means of a gigantic metal hinge joint that weighs 650 tonnes and is 2.5 metres in diameter.

The dock weighs 165,000 tonnes and, from the marine point of view, is a double-hull concrete vessel.

The inside space is fitted out to hold a four-floor parking lot, with room for 380 vehicles and storage space for vessels.

The really transcendental aspect is that, for the first time in engineering history, the floating dock was entirely constructed in a dry dock in Algeciras Bay, it was floated and then transported to its site in Monaco where the anchoring and land connections by means of the hinge joint were carried out. The distance between Algeciras and Monaco is 816 nautical miles, some 1,500 kilometres and which took twelve days to cover. 

Remarkable aspects

  • Cruise ships of up to 200 metres length are able to moor here.
  • The principal goal is to expand the Port of Condamine.
  • The entire construction is of concrete.

Client: Principality of Monaco

Start date: 1997

End date: 2002