Adriano Port extension, Spain

Adriano Port extension Spain

Adriano Port extension, Islas Baleares

The works entailed the construction of a new dock in the port as well as series of other works in part of the existing port. The works involved enhancement of previous facilities and the number and size of the moorings offered, thus providing 82 new moorings for sports boats between 20 meters and 60 meters long. A series of commercial buildings including; workshops and new services facilities for port users were also built.

The caissons were built in the Port of Castellón and then towed to Mallorca.

Açu Port, Brazil

The largest port in America

It is located 315 kilometers north of Rio de Janeiro. It is the third largest port in the world and the largest in America. This is a deep-water port with a total expected transport capacity of 350 million tons of cargo per year.

The project involves the construction of a 2438 meters vertical dyke, which was executed by manufacturing and anchoring of 49 reinforced concrete segments. One section of dike was also placed in the 600 meters long slope. The first 9 segments were manufactured in the Port of
Algeciras and were transported to the site on semisubmersible barges.

Expansion of the east dock of the port of Barcelona, Spain

east dock of the port of Barcelona

Expansion of the east dock of the port of Barcelona, Barcelona

The work consists in the extension of the existing dike by 2,165 meters. For this, 450,000 cubic meters of material was placed on 50 tons concrete blocks to form the dyke. The dyke sits on a seabed with very low bearing capacity. This required the development of a construction sequence where the dredging and dumping rates were designed with a degree of control to optimise the land improvement strategy ensuring continuous stability during and after construction.

Extension of the port El Musel, Spain

El Musel commercial port in Gijón

Extension of the port El Musel, Gijón

Expansion of one of the main seaports on the Cantabrian coast, which is leading port in the solid bulk movement.

FCC completed the extension of the El Musel port that includes the construction of a sloped and some vertical dykes with a section with blocks weighing up to 200 tons. This engineering milestone involved anchoring segments in extreme marine conditions. The new dike has a
total length of 3,867 meters.

Floodgate Port of Sevilla, Spain

Floodgate Port of Sevilla Spain

Floodgate Port of Sevilla, Sevilla

The work involves the construction of a new lock, located on the Alfonso XIII canal, at the access to the dock of the Guadalquivir, of 434 meters of total length, with gravity walls. Prone to severe flooding, the lock protects the port from tidal surges. The lock is equip with four gates.

It is the only existing lock in Spain which can accommodate ocean vessels, with a total length of 293 meters and a 40 meters width, it facilitates access to port of ships up to 29,000 TPM.