La Caja Mágica (The Magic Box)

This sports complex is one of the most unique and significant buildings of the world’s sports architecture. The Caja Mágica houses three tracks with mobile covers installed from ground whipped.

Indoor tennis houses eleven indoor courts of smaller size.


             Dominique Perrault

       12,442 spectators

           Unique retractable cover on the world


Madrid Arena installations

FCC built the sports pavilion Madrid Arena, a partially building buried of ovoidal plant. One of the most unique elements that represents this project is your cover, with a typology of “bicycle wheel”, formed by a mixed structure with an outer reinforced concrete ring supported by its guideline.


             Lasso Studio architects

       12,500 spectators

           Retractable harrow constitutes with its world record size


RCD Espanyol Stadium, Barcelona

The project included the construction of stadium, the corporate offices of club, a club museum, various local of varied use and construction of a parking for 250 seats, in addition to the connections with the training enclosures and the Cornellá field.


             Esteban Gasulla y Mark Fenwick

       40,000 spectators

           Stadium Bussines Award 2010 to the best installation world sport of the year


Reconstruction of Palacio de Deportes in the Regional Community of Madrid

Palacio de Deportes in the Regional Community of Madrid

The Palacio de los Deportes occupies a surface area of 82,000 square meters. It is equipped with telescopic bleachers and dividing curtains that allows get different configurations with different capacities depending on the needs of the events that are develop in such facilities.


             Hermoso y Huidobro

       15,500 spectators