Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas International Airport

Terminal 4 Madrid-Barajas International Airport

The terminal, with more than half a million square meters built, constitutes one of the largest buildings built of Europe.

Among its most representative elements are the cover of 150,000 square meters of corrugated steel, its facades ‘Transparent’ thanks to a curtain wall that covers all the surface, or the ‘canyons’, empty spaces between the ground of the platform and deck through which natural lighting penetrates to the lower levels of the building. Special mention requires also the ceiling bamboo, which increases sensations of warmth and visual comfort to the passenger, or the 550 skylights, which allow the entry of naturallight and enable the reduction of energy consumption.

The terminal, which is connected to the Satellite building through the three kilometers long airport services tunnel, it has a parking lot with capacity for 9,000 vehicles divided into six modules. These have a cover continuous plant of more than 56,500 square meters, which the positions as the largest plant area continues in Europe.

In addition to these infrastructures and facilities, FCC Construcción has executed:

  • New 18R-36L flight track and the raceway. Length total 4,450 meters.
  • Platform, satellite terminal building, remote.
  • Aircraft engine test platform. They were built 20 meter high screens.
  • Access tunnel to the power plant on the air side of the airport.
  • Includes security, ventilation, lighting and two emergency exits.
  • Infrastructure for the Automatic People Mover between Terminal 4 and Satellite Terminal.
  • Luggage tunnel construction in terminal 1 and connection of the F-5 battery.