M-30 underground

M-30 underground

Moving the M-30 underground

The project forms part of the operations required for the remodelling of the M-30 urban dual carriageway along the section between the Prague Gate and the south node.

The section is 1,666 metres long. The moving underground of  two roadways, each of three lanes, one in each direction, which connect to the south bypass and another of two roadways that go to the south node and exit just upstream of the Atocha-Parla railway bridge.

Execution was by the cut and cover method, with one-metre thick cut-off walls and reinforced, prestressed, lightweight concrete slabs, with edge thicknesses between 0.8 and 1.5 metres.  

The transversal section of the main trunk consists of two 0.50-metre pavements, two 0.75-metre hard shoulders and two 3.50-metre lanes.

The tunnel is also fitted with the safety systems as required by European legislation, with twelve emergency exits and a particle filter system to purify the air taken to the outside.

The executed works also include the demolition and reposition of the Princesa Bridge, the improvement of the drainage system with higher capacity collectors and the construction of storm drains, which increase water quality in the River Manzanares by reducing dumping.

The execution of these works allowed the recovery of the River Manzanares shoreline, freeing the current traffic, returning the pedestrian domain and favouring a large green corridor, populated with trees that grow over the underground infrastructure covering. 

Remarkable aspects

  • These are technically complex works because they involve the remodelling of an urban dual carriageway in Madrid. Very careful planning and coordination of the involved districts.
  • Environmental improvements.
  • The execution of superficial underground works that allow the opening of the slab in case of emergency.

Client: Madrid Council

Start date: 2005

End date: 2007