Southern Segment of Highway CA-5

Southern Segment of Highway CA-5

The project, executed by FCC, consists of the construction of section 2 of the southern segment of highway CA-5 in Comayagua, Honduras.

The 294-kilometre long CA-5 highway is included in the Honduran section of the Atlantic Corridor that channels most of the export and import traffic of this country between  Puerto Cortés and the main production centres of San Pedro Sula, Comayagua and Tegucigalpa.

The southern segment, which crosses a mountainous region, is 33.3 kilometres long. The works consist of the improvement and replacement of the existing drainage and the construction of an alignment change between kilometres 43 and 46 in order to provide service to ascending traffic from the Comayagua Valley.

The rehabilitation of this roadway resolves the need for improvement to the highway because of the great volume of traffic and the reduction of safety that is occurring along certain sections. The result is a safe and efficient land communication route.

The project includes works for earth movement, paving, drainage, signage, electric power and telephone line installation and relocation, potable water drainage service reinstallation, roadway expansion and the construction of a bridge.

The reform and improvement of this highway provides the region with better tourist, creative and urban development thanks to this safe and efficient roadway for communications.

Remarkable aspects

  • Rehabilitation and improvement of the southern segment of the CA-5 in order to increase safety and alleviate traffic volume.
  • This project assists the tourist and urban development of the region, improving communications with the main production centres in Honduras.

Client: The Honduras Government with funds from the (Millennium Challenge Corporation - USA)

Start date: 10th of January 2009

End date: 28th of February 2012