El Musel commercial port in Gijón

El Musel commercial port in Gijón

The Port of Musel in Gijón is located in Asturias, Spain and is one of the main Spanish sea ports on the Atlantic arc and the leading port in solid bulk transport.

In February 2005, the work commenced on the expansion of the Port of Gijón, which produced modern installations capable of satisfying the clients' needs, adapt to future demand and contribute to the modernisation of the Asturias industry. This was a project that involved one of the greatest challenges in Spanish port engineering.

The works basically consisted of the construction of a new sea wall that commenced at Cabo de Torres with a total length of 3,867 metres, which produced 145 hectares of land and 149 hectares of sheltered water.

The first sea wall section, named Dique Torres, is a 1,433-metre long sloping sea wall consisting of a main blanket of concrete blocks at depths of between 10 and 22 metres. The Dique Norte is 1,587 metres long, with depths of between 23.00 and 30.00 metres, executed using a vertical structural typology and made up of thirty-three prefabricated reinforced concrete caissons. An 847-metre long sloping breakwater of cubic concrete blocks, the basic purpose of which is to provide shelter in the basin for northeast swells, completed the sea wall.

It also includes the construction of a 1,250-metre long quay in the northern part of the basin, with a 23-metre depth and width exceeding 400 metres.

In addition to the new sea wall, the execution of the perimeter moles was carried out for the new surface to be won from the sea, together with the filling-in of the space between the sea walls and the demolition of the existing shelter wall for the Príncipe de Asturias Mole in order to communicate the previous port surface with that obtained after expansion.

The Port of Gijón is connected to over 200 ports throughout the world via a large network of regular shipping lines and provides a privileged position on the Cantabrian vertex of the Iberian Peninsula.

Remarkable aspects

  • The leading port in solid bulk transport.
  • One of the greatest challenges in Spanish port engineering.
  • This expansion involved the doubling of the port installations.

Client: Ministry of Development. Gijón Port Authorities

Start date: February 2005

End date: December 2010