Dredging of the River Bogotá

The River Bogotá is in the Cundinamarca Department in Colombia, has a length of approximately 380 kilometres and its basin is occupied by close to nine million people.

The River Bogotá project consists of cleaning, expanding and conditioning the river to achieve its recovery as a public space, section I Sector Alicachín by the Cundinamarca Regional Autonomous Corporation, the country's central department, the capital of which is Bogotá.

This contract contemplates the expansion of the river along the forty kilometres that run close to the city on its western side. The goal is to improve water quality, prevent flooding and recover the water course as a multifunctional and recreational zone.

The works consist of relocating and reinforcing of the existing lateral banks, together with the deepening and widening of the river course, including the dredging of material having a certain degree of contamination that is treated before being taken to authorised landfills. It will also include the implementation of a landscape project and the recovery of areas of ecological interest (wetlands and river meanders), the construction of a pumping station and hydraulic protection for four bridges It will include the demolition of various buildings and brick structures and effects on sewer and drainage elements that have to be replaced.

The main works units are as follows 2,700,000 cubic metres (extraction) of sludge and channel, 1,600,000 cubic metres of excavation and the formation of 1,300,000 cubic metres of new banks., 10,000 square metres of geomesh and geomats and 4,000 units of eucalyptus piles were employed In river course and bridge protection.

The river rehabilitation and environmental recovery project form part of the “Río Bogotá” mega-project, the goal of which is to improve the quality of life of the basin inhabitants in association with the river water quality.

Remarkable aspects

  • Adaptation of the hydraulic woks that allow the recovery and decontamination of the River Bogotá.
  • These works form part of the “Río Bogotá” mega-project, the goal of which is to enhance the quality of life of the basin inhabitants by improving the river water quality.

Client: Cundinamarca Regional Autonomous Corporation

Start date: 2013

End date: Under construction