Transmontana dual carriageway

Improving the land connection between Portugal and Spain

The works for the Transmontana dual carriageway cover a total of 194 kilometres, consisting of 32 kilometres of new construction, 106 kilometres of straightening and more than 56 kilometres of conditioning and improvement of the existing IP4. These works are close to completion, with the inauguration is expected during September.

Consorcio Autoestradas XXI, formed by Globalvía Infraestructuras, constituted by FCC and Caja Madrid, with equal shares, jointly with the Portuguese company Soares da Costa was named by Estradas de Portugal or as the successful bidder for the concession of the IP4 Trasmontana motorway between Vila-Real and Bragança, within the European axis that connects Oporto with northern Portugal, with an investment of approximately 706.5 million Euros.

The project, which involves the improvement of the connection between the northeast of Portugal and Spain, includes the conditioning of the Sierra de Marão, an area with steep slopes and a difficult route that have been reduced by these works with the improvement of the actual accident rate.

Seventeen viaducts have been constructed, with the following being noteworthy

  • The 2,780-metre long Corgo Viaduct, with a maximum height of 230 metres, which makes it the second highest in Europe. To the south of Vila Real, it will cross three national and county highways, the Corgo railway line and a series of existing buildings.
  • The 780-metre long bridge over the river Tinhela, with a maximum height of 220 metres.

This new dual carriageway, which runs parallel to the current IP4 corridor, is included in the new concession programme that consists of seven motorway packages and adds up to 1,500 kilometres of highway and 3,000 million Euros in new investment, which was launched by the Portuguese Government in 2008.

A free-flow type user toll will implemented for the Vila Real and Bragança ring roads along a total length of fourteen kilometres.

Remarkable aspects

  • The project Improvement of the connection between the northeast of Portugal and Spain.
  • Of the seventeen viaducts, the Congo Viaduct is noteworthy, the second highest in the world
  • The construction also includes operation during thirty years.

Client: Estradas de Portugal

Start date: 2008

End date: July 2013