Arad – Timisoara Motorway

Arad – Timisoara Motorway

The A1 motorway (Rumanian: Autostrada A1) is a motorway in Rumania intended to connect Bucharest with the Banat region in the west of the country. It will be approximately 581 kilometres long and will follow the route: Pitesti – Sibiu - Oraştie, Deva – Timisoara – Arad, which connects to the Hungarian motorway network near Nadlac. It forms part of the Pan-European IV Corridor.

The Arad-Timisoara motorway is 32.25 kilometres long and runs between the localities of Timisoara and Arad in western Rumania. It has a total width of 26 metres, including four 3.75-metre circulation lanes, two 3.00-metre security lanes and a 4.00-metre wide central reservation. It also includes thirty-one bridges and thirteen transversal drainage structures, together with a service area containing the operations and maintenance buildings as well as a police station.

The motorway connects to the Arad bypass, which was awarded in March to a joint venture formed by FCC Construcción and the Austrian company, Porr. The bypass was completed in 2012 and the Arad-Timisoara motorway in July 2013.

Remarkable aspects

  • A 32.25-kilometre long motorway, with two 3.75-metre lanes in both directions.
  • The project includes the construction of various bridges and overpasses to facilitate motorway traffic.

Client: The Rumanian National Highway and Motorway Authority

Start date: 2008

End date: Arad bypass in 2012, Arad–Timisoara motorway in 2013