Tipo de construcción


Base naval de Rota



It is a caisson quay with a total length of 398 meters and a width of 51 meters, and the dredging of 1,100,000 m3 in the port's maneuvering area. Access to the dock is via an embankment, protected by a breakwater, 76.80 meters long.

The caissons of the new pier have been built with the floating dock "Mar del Teide", owned by FCC. In total, 25 caissons of 33.95 meters in length, 12.70 meters in width and 14.50 meters of depth have been made.

The work includes a marina for smaller vessels, made up of a 140-meter-long fixed pier made of sheet piles and a berthing line with 8 modules of floating piers, and a 400 m2 support building. The new pier is complemented by a 45-meter wide Ro-Ro ramp made up of a metal structure on concrete piles with a sheet metal jacket.