Construction of El Sinaloense Tunnel

"El Sinaloense" tunnel is located in the state of Sinaloa and is the most important due to its size and the complexity of the Durango Mazatlán highway; it is the second longest in the country stretching 2,794 metres.

This type of tunnel has an equipment level similar to that used in Europe, which kick-started a new generation of tunnels with equipment such as:

  • Lighting system.
  • Communication system (emergency telephone, megaphones, CCT cameras).
  • Ventilation system (reversible fans, gas detectors, temperature sensor cable).
  • Fire-protection system (hydrants, extinguishers, pumping systems).
  • Signalling system (electronic board, traffic lights, emergency exit, reflective road studs).
  • Fibre optic systems control.

"El Sinaloense" covers: 1.16% of section III total and 44.16% of tunnel length.