Type of work


E6 motorway


Section Ulsberg to Vindåsliene (Norway)

Section Ulsberg to Vindåsliene (Norway)


The contract includes the design and construction of a two-lane highway section in each direction of traffic with carriageways separated by a median. The highway will have a 25-kilometer-long new route. The 20-kilometer section between the Ulsberg and Vindasliene tunnels will be built with two lanes in each direction and separate carriageways, with a 20-meter wide section, while the Ulsberg and Vindasli tunnels (1.4 and 2.0 kilometers respectively) they will have three lanes.


The project has twenty structures between bridges, drainage works and wildlife crossings, along with new links at Ulsberg and Berkak. It also includes maintenance, revegetation and landscaping work in the affected area.


  • This is the company's first contract in Norway