Refurbishment and improvement works of section I: Las Piedrecitas - Nagarote

This 38.4 km-long road is the so-called Carretera Nueva a León which connecting the west of Nicaragua (León and Chinandega). The road, which had been built several years before, was deteriorating severely because of a lack maintenance. Although it had an uneven surface due to patching, the pavement was made usable via a salvage method. Development of the road included the two-strip stretch with two 3.5 m-wide lanes except in the sections between the municipalities of Ciudad Sandino, Mateare, Nagarote, which included four x 3.5 m-wide lanes (two for each direction of traffic) with shoulder expansion and prefabricated concrete pedestrian bridges.

Works involved substituting two major bridges: Los Cabros Bridge and Nagarote Bridge. The project was financed by the World Bank.

Client: Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure

Start date: 2002

End date: 2003