Rehabilitation and improvement of National Route 12

Rehabilitation and improvement of National Route 12

National Route 12 is located 271 kilometres west of Guatemala City and is considered the highest highway in Central America, with its highest point at 3.500 metres.

The works consist of the rehabilitation and improvement of 67 kilometres that run through nearby medium-sized towns and over 100 smaller townships.

The project executed by FCC consists of the extension of five small bridges and the construction of the bridge over the River Coatán, with 42-metre beams, executed onsite.

The typical section is that of a 6.5-metre wide rural road, which includes the spreading of over 45,000 tonnes of hot asphalt mixture and more than 100,000 tonnes of crushed aggregate for the lower paving layers.

Due to conditions in the area, part of the asphalt mixture for the surface layer was manufactured using bitumen modified with polymers, thus improving its manageability and durability, a technique employed for the first time on Guatemalan highways.

In addition, recuperation works were executed along twelve kilometres of existing paving, together with environmental mitigation works that included the planting of over 6,000 trees native to the area. 

Remarkable aspects

  • A project involving great difficulty because it was located at a height of 3,500 metres.
  • Rehabilitation of 67 kilometres that will provide benefits to 350,000 inhabitants.
  • Construction of the bridge over the River Coatán and five smaller bridges.

Client: Ministry of Communications, Infrastructure and Housing

Start date: October 2005

End date: June 2007