Refurbishment and widening of the Pan-American Highway, section: Arraiján - La Chorrera, Panama

This project included the study, final design and construction for the refurbishment and widening of Arraiján - La Chorrera highway in Panama, as well as refurbishment works on streets in nearby villages.

Construction for the refurbishment and widening works of the highway extended from the exit ramp of the new bridge over the Arraiján - La Chorrera Motorway, close to the entrance of the residential development La Estancia in Arraiján. These works stretched 250 metres after the sewage system at the Guadalupe Gorge in La Chorrera, located at the intersection of the Pan-American Highway with the exit of the Arraiján - La Chorrera Motorway.

The existing pavement of the Pan-American Highway was refurbished with a layer of asphalt concrete.  Two new parallel lanes to the current road were also constructed, totalling four traffic lanes. The widening of the road was carried out with Cemento Portland, concrete paving and shoulders were covered with an asphalt layer.

The project also included the refurbishment of streets in the towns located in the Districts of Arraiján and La Chorrera, with a layer of asphalt concrete; including improvement works on the drainage system and horizontal and vertical road markings.

Client: Ministry of Public Works

Start date: 2006

End date: 2008