Refurbishment of the Pan-American Highway (CA: 1) Section: SIRAMA - AGUA SALADA

Approximately 28.251 km long, the road section starts in a place known as the Sirama diversion in El Salvador’s District of Sirama, at Km. 173+699. The road then turns north-east before finishing in the intersection with Santa Rosa de Lima road, which stretches to the border of Amatillo, known as the Agua Salada diversion and located in the hamlet of Agua Salada. The road was designed and built with primary road characteristics and the following works and/or activities carried out:

  • The basic studies (topography, traffic, geology, geotechnics, hydrology, hydraulics, etc.) and designs of all works required for the smooth functioning, safety and maintenance of the road and all of its components.
  • The formation and protection (double treatment) of the shoulders.
  • Refurbishment and/or reconstruction of the pavement structure, based on the future traffic demand, with characteristics of the subgrade and existing structure.
  • Cleaning, repair, relocation and construction of all the necessary drainage works to allow for the proper construction of pipe systems for surface and underground water (cross-section and access pipes, ditches, sub-drainage systems, etc.)
  • Reconstruction of the pavement with asphalt concrete.

Client: Ministry of Public Works

Start date: 2003