Puerto Nuevo Quillaico

The main aim of these works is to improve the Route 775 which partly surrounds Lago Ranco. This route connects a number of small towns. Their main activity is agriculture (livestock breeding), although in summer tourist interest is increasing in the region, largely due to the tranquillity and beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Route 775 is currently made of rubble (earth) and lacks a uniform support structure. This means the road surface is very irregular with potholes and pits exposed to weather conditions. The road width also irregular and, most importantly, the part which crosses the River Bueno should only be used when the level and flow of the river allow for it. 

Remarkable aspects

  • Widening and improving the current road, placing layers of gravel and a double surface treatment called "Cape Seal", over a 15 km stretch. The cross-section profile corresponds to a two-way track, with a 7 m long roadway and 1.5 m berms, with the exception of the stretch that runs through the Quillín forest, 1 km. With a 6 m long roadway and 0.5 m berms, on the right and left).
  • The majority of the platform drainage and sewerage system will be replaced and/or redistributed, replacement of the structures (drainage works) with flat base concrete pipes, sub-drains, ditches and outer ditches as well as a reinforced concrete sewage system will also be built, and slabs (curbs) will be placed on the edges of the route with concrete anchors.
  • The construction of a bridge over the river Quillín, 30 m long and 13.96 m wide, with shallow foundations, reinforced concrete abutments and a deck made up of four pre-stressed concrete beams with reinforced concrete slabs.
  • The construction of a bridge over the river Bueno in Puerto Lapi, 170 linear metres long and a deck width of 13.96 m, with four spans each of 42.5 m, bridge with deep foundations and piles with a diameter of 1.2 m in the abutments and 1.5 m in the pillars (eight piles in each abutment or pillar) and a mixed deck made up of four metal beams and reinforced concrete slabs.

Client: MOP

Start date: June 2013

End date: January 2016